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Comprehensive Environmental Testing and Healthy Home Action Plan

The homes we live in make us sick.

Test My Home is empowering people everywhere to live healthier lives in toxin-free environments.

Learn how to protect your home

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  • 500+ homes healed

  • Countless Toxins Identified

  • Chronic Illness Prevented

  • Thousands of lives improved

Knowledge is Power

  • Become your own house doctor

  • Learn to diagnose your home

  • Get the tools to treat sick buildings

  • Increase productivity exponentially

Point Inspection

Toxins Tested For

Peace of Mind


Meet your Instructor

Ryan is the world’s leading Building Biologist & Indoor Environmental Toxicologist. Through many years of experience, he has developed his own comprehensive testing methods that have been a proven success.
  • B.Sc Electrical Engineering

  • 20+ years of experience in environmental toxicology

  • Board of Directors for the Building Biology Institute

  • Helped Thousands of clients regain their health

  • Educated hundreds of health professionals

Your Healthy Home Made Simple

  • Knowledge and Training

    Living in a healthy environment means more than changing your air filter. There are hundreds of potential environmental contaminants in your home that you can’t even see. We are here to teach you how to locate, test and effectively remove them all.

  • Professional Tools

    How many times have you tested your home for environmental contaminants? Probably never. We’ve spent countless hours preparing the most convenient and accurate testing kit on the market.

  • Healthy Home Action Plan

    We provide detailed information of all major environmental toxins, complete with coaching and a custom-tailored action plan to keep you safe and healthy for years to come.

What others say about us?

“Ryan was more thorough in the inspection of my house via zoom than the mold company rep that did an on site visit last week! Appreciated all of the information and recommendations provided.

Melanie Boileau

Ryan is so knowledgable and was able to help us identify the mold in our home and give us advice and steps to remedy it. We would absolutely recommend having this virtual service done and are looking forward to a more in depth at home visit soon.

Aubrey Nelson

Ryan was beyond thorough with my wife and I on our virtual meeting today! He spent extra time with us and left us feeling educated and empowered! Hight recommend these guys!

Dusty Stanczyk

Ryan is an absolute expert. I've never felt so confident in my plan of action or clarity on what's going on in our home. Highly recommend

Brennan Buchan

Fantastic information from Ryan. He was super helpful with great ideas and scientific reasons to address the mold and EMF issues in our home. Can't wait to get started!

Laurie Hammer

Ryan is awesome! He really cares and is looking to help. We really appreciate and trust his expertise.

Chase Leavitt

Ryan was beyond helpful to us! He answered above and beyond all of our questions and helped us find practical solutions for our concerns. Highly highly recommend!

Erin Stanczyk

    6 Steps to a Healthy Home


    Complete Questionnaire

    Years of experience and hundreds of houses healed have helped us to craft a dynamic, multi-faceted questionnaire to accurately assess the challenges you’re facing in your home.


    Watch Video Library

    We’ve compiled a comprehensive video library covering every aspect of our program in detail. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Make sure to have your questions ready for your consultation with your Healthy Home Expert on your 1-on-1 calls.


    Meet your Healthy Home Expert & Receive your Testing Kit

    Get a 1-on-1 call with your Healthy Home Expert who will gather information around your symptoms, living environment, lifestyle and support you through your testing.


    Conduct Testing & Submit Data

    Using your testing kit, follow simple step-by-step instructions to collect samples in your home (e.g., mold, air, EMF, water) and submit to one of our lab partners for analysis using the prepaid shipping labels provided.


    Review Test Results

    Receive a detailed report with your home’s lab test results. Then walk through those results with your Healthy Home Expert who will provide a clear action plan to creating your healthy home.


    Receive Healthy Home Action Plan

    Our plans are custom tailored to optimize the healthiness of your living space. You’ll have an itemized to-do list to make your home healthier and to keep it that way with best practices for simple maintenance.

    Peace of Mind

    Long Term Solutions

    Top-Tier Lab Tests

    Expert Training

    The Most Comprehensive Diagnostics assessment that includes


    From a small sample of dust we can Identify the 36 mold species most commonly found in homes that could be effecting your health. Identify potential sources of mold with our comprehensive visual walk-thru. Verify your home is dry using the included moisture meter. This information is crucial to determine if you have a mold problem.
    • PCR identification of 36 mold varieties

    • Mycotoxin and Endotoxin probabilities

    • Identify mold sources

    • Moldiness Score


    Smart, battery operated indoor air quality monitor from the worlds leading detector company. Color coded, touch free visual indicator showing air quality levels. Easy to use online dashboard with graphs, notifications, and insights. Live data allows you to stay on top of your homes air quality.
    • Airborne Chfemicals (VOCs)

    • Radon

    • Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide

    • Combustible Gas Leaks

    • Temperature and Air Pressure


    Our state of the art meter will easily and accurately detect all three types of EMF radiation. Sound and peak measurements are included to help you find the EMF emitting sources in your home or workplace. Use this meter meter to help educate friends and family on the dangers of EMF.

    • Full Spectrum Radio Frequency

    • Magnetic Field Radiation

    • Electric Field Exposure

    • EMF Source Identification


    Test My Home combines world-class laboratory science with customer service to ensure testing your drinking water is simple, fast and factual. Everything we do is driven by data and supported by a team of experts ready to answer your questions.

    • Heavy Metals (23)

    • Inorganics (12)

    • Calculated Params (6)

    • Fertilizer & misc. (3)

    • Chlorine


    Humans evolved on Earth over thousands of years before the invention of artificial light under natural light conditions of sunlight, moonlight, and a relatively little bit of fire light. Over the last 100 years we have created artificial lighting that is detrimental to your health. We will walk you thru the necessary steps needed to create a natural lighting environment.

    • Blue Light

    • Flicker Rate

    • Toxic Vapor Mercury

    • Dirty Electricity

    • CRI and Color Spectrum


    We designed this module to help you identify and learn about the hidden health dangers in your cleaning supplies, building material, and personal care products, to keep you and your family safe.
    • Visual Walk-Through

    • EWG App

    • Material Safety Data Sheet

    What comes in
    our package?

    myHOME Test Kit

    EMF Meter - tests for electric fields, magnetic fields and radio frequencies

    Gas Leak Detector & Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Long Term Air Monitor - Tests for VOCs, radon, humidity & barometric pressure

    Moisture Meter

    Mold Dust Kit - PCR test for 36 types of mold

    Water Test Kit - Tests for 45 analytes

    Access to online lessons from our Healthy Home Expert

    Step by Step Worksheets guiding you through the tools and tests

    2 One-on-One consultations with on of our Healthy Home Experts

    The People Have Spoken

    Our Service is a perfect fit for

    Conscious Homemakers

    Do you value organic food and cleaning products that ensure your family’s health? Are sustainability and eco-friendliness part of your purchase criteria for your household staples? We can help ensure that the air your family breathes is as healthy as the food they eat and the products they use.

    The Chronically Ill

    Have you been sick for longer than you can remember? Is every doctor giving you a different answer or telling you that it’s in your head? Well, we believe you. Millions of people every day are suffering from over-exposure to toxic contaminants in their air and water. Use our kit to find out if you’re on of them.


    Peak performance stems as much from your surroundings as it does your diet.. If you’re already shrewd about optimizing your internal environment, why aren’t you doing the same for your external environment? This is for the ambitious, blue-light intake monitoring, circadian rhythm focused elite performer and enveloper pusher.

    Longevity Seekers

    Are you chasing the fountain of youth via the best lifestyle, health and medical strategies? Don’t let a sick building withdraw your daily progress deposits. Get our kit today and protect your investment in your well being by taking control of the environmental toxins that your body is exposed to.

    Everyone deserves
    a healthy home

    Why Wait? start today!

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